Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Gerard Way

It's me.No one has commented on any of my blogs,but that's fine.I am wtiting this blog about Gerard Way.He is the lead singer of the popular band My Chemical Romance,He also writes the lyrics for all of their songs.
Full Name:Gerard Arthur Way
Born In:Newmark,New Jersey
Born On:April, 9th 1977
Piercings:NONE,he's afraid of needles
Favorite Bands:Iron Maiden,The Cure,Morissey and the Misfits.
Some Purdy Cool Facts:
*Gerard founded the band with the original drummer,Matt Pelisser.
*He doesnt like Physical work.(manual Labor)
*He was going to be a Cartoonist.
*Went to an art school in New York.
*His mothers name is,Donna.His fathers name is Donald.He is one half scottish and one half Italian.
*He enjoys Theater.
*He thinks that Brody Dalle from "The Distillers" is hot.
*Gerard claims he's not goth,but his band is labeled goth because of the song,"Vampires will Never Hurt You."
*He is delighted with David Bowies music.(who isnt?)
*He is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden.
*The reason Gerard wears so much black and red,is because he believes that those are funeral colors.
*Gerard is obsessed with death and has been since he realized that everyone will die,And everyone will die alone.He discovered this when he was 8 years old.
*He is STILL in therapy and loves it!
*Nipple rings freak him out...
That's all for now...bye.